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WhereTaken is an exciting and engaging game that caters to the interests of travel and geography enthusiasts. It challenges players to test their knowledge...

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About Wheretaken

WhereTaken is an exciting and engaging game that caters to the interests of travel and geography enthusiasts. It challenges players to test their knowledge and skills in identifying famous landmarks and places around the world through captivating pictures. With its interactive gameplay and informative feedback, WhereTaken offers an enjoyable way to expand geographical knowledge while having fun.

The objective of WhereTaken is simple yet thrilling - players must correctly guess the name of the famous landmark or place depicted in the given picture. Each round presents a new image, and players have six guesses to make before receiving a simulation result that provides feedback on the accuracy of their answers.

How to Play WhereTaken:

View Photo and Guess the Place: Each round, you will see a photo of a famous landmark or place. Your task is to correctly guess the name of the place shown in the photo.

Six Guesses: You have up to six guesses to find the correct answer before receiving simulation results showing how accurate the answer is.

Simulation Results: After each guess, you will receive simulation results that provide information about the accuracy of your answer. This result will include the degree of correctness, the country or region hint in relation to the place, as well as the correct ratio to the correct answer. This information helps you make smarter predictions and infer the final answer.

Use Winning Tips: To win in WhereTaken, use these tips:

Research Famous Places: Improve your knowledge of famous landmarks and places by researching and getting to know iconic sites around the world.

Attention to Details: Examine the photo carefully, noting unique architectural features, landscapes or cultural elements that may help you identify the place.

Leverage Hints from Feedback: Analyze feedback from simulation results, including accuracy, distance, direction, and scale. Use these hints to narrow down your choices and make a better guess.

Prioritize Important Information: Focus on the details that matter and use them to eliminate false choices. Consider factors such as architectural style, geographical features or cultural context.

Learn From Mistakes: If you guess wrong, analyzing simulation results and identifying patterns or commonalities can help you improve your future guesses.

Practice and Explore: Play often to improve your geography knowledge and develop a better understanding of different landmarks and locations.


In total, WhereTaken offers an exciting gaming experience for travel and geography enthusiasts, challenging them to identify landmarks and famous places through compelling photographs. An informative feedback system and multiple difficulty levels enhance the player's geographic understanding. So, start this exciting journey, improve your geography knowledge and discover the wonders of the world through WhereTaken!

How to play Wheretaken

Use mouse