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Teniz isn't just about recalling facts. It's about using your knowledge strategically. After each guess, the game provides indicators that reveal...

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About Teniz

Teniz is here to serve up a daily challenge that will test your knowledge of Grand Slam champions of the Open Era. Get ready to step onto the court of deduction and unravel the mystery player based on their illustrious career statistics.

Inspired by Wordle, Powered by Tennis History

Teniz takes the addictive gameplay of Wordle and injects it with the thrill of tennis trivia. Each day, a new champion player takes center court as the mystery contestant. Your mission? To identify this legend solely based on clues derived from their Grand Slam career.

The Stats Hold the Key

Teniz throws you a set of clues related to the mystery player's Grand Slam achievements. Here's what you'll need to analyze:

  • Year of First Grand Slam Win: This clue pinpoints the year the champion first etched their name on a Grand Slam trophy.
  • Total Grand Slam Titles: This clue reveals the total number of Grand Slam victories the mystery player has secured throughout their career.
  • Playing Nation(s): Representing the player's nationality, this clue might encompass a single country or potentially multiple if they hold dual citizenship.
  • Gender: A basic yet crucial detail – is the mystery player a male or female champion?
  • Grand Slam Singles Titles: This clue focuses solely on the player's singles victories at Grand Slam tournaments.
  • Playing Style: Did the mystery player dominate with a powerful right-handed forehand or a skillful left-handed serve? This clue unveils their playing style.

Sharpen Your Deduction Skills

Teniz isn't just about recalling facts. It's about using your knowledge strategically. After each guess, the game provides indicators that reveal how your chosen player's statistics align with the mystery champion. Use these clues to refine your search and ultimately identify the tennis legend!

Features that Keep You in the Game

Here's what makes Teniz a captivating choice for tennis enthusiasts:

  • Daily Dose of Challenge: A new mystery player every day ensures that Teniz offers fresh challenges, keeping your tennis knowledge sharp and your mind engaged.
  • A Deep Dive into Grand Slams: Teniz focuses on the prestigious Grand Slam tournaments, allowing you to explore the history of this pinnacle event and the legendary players who have conquered it.
  • Strategic Deduction: Teniz goes beyond rote memorization. It challenges you to analyze clues, strategize your guesses, and ultimately crack the code to identify the mystery player.
  • Join the Tennis Tribe: Share your progress with fellow Teniz players, discuss the challenges, and celebrate your victories, fostering a sense of community among tennis fans.

How to play Teniz

Using mouse