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Ph·la·gl promises an addictive and immersive puzzle experience that combines wordplay with the visual appeal of emoji flags. Are you ready to put your...

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About Ph·la·gl

Ph·la·gl is unlike any puzzle game you've ever played. It combines word decoding and country identification through emoji flags, creating a new and engaging experience for players.

Play tips:

Master country codes: Mastering country Alpha-2 codes will help you easily recognize and decode words quickly.
Pay attention to the position of the letters: Sometimes, the position of the emoji flags in the word can clue you in on the word to decode.
Use Hints: If you get stuck, use the hints provided to help you progress further in the game.


Flexible difficulty: Ph·la·gl is a flexible game with an appropriately adjusted difficulty, suitable for all types of players.
Creativity: The combination of vocabulary and emoji flags creates a unique and creative game, bringing a new experience to players.
Replayability: With a rich word list, each play brings new and exciting experiences, keeping players wanting to come back.

Ph·la·gl is not just a puzzle game, but also a fun educational, and entertaining experience. Are you ready to join and explore its world?

How to play Ph·la·gl

The game requires players to decode words made up of six letters, each letter represented by an emoji flag symbol based on the Alpha-2 code of ISO 3166-1. Players can use their understanding of country codes to guess words most accurately.