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Bou's Revenge

Bou's Revenge is a captivating 3D horror game that draws inspiration from a well-known mobile game. The game begins with the player taking care of a...

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About Bou's Revenge

Bou's Revenge is an engaging 3D horror game inspired by a popular mobile game. The game begins as the player takes on the role of caretaker of a ruined house where Bou, a vengeful spirit, is seeking revenge. Players will explore the house through creepy landscapes and must solve complex puzzles to conduct an investigation into the source of the incident and how to stop Bou. The game combines elements of horror games with a sophisticated 3D art style and interactive gameplay to create a tense and suspenseful experience for players.

How to play

The game Bou's Revenge requires players to navigate and explore the ruined house where Bou resides. Players will have to search for puzzle pieces and important objects to enter locked rooms and find out the secret behind Bou's death. During this process, the player must face challenges and dangers from Bou and other demons. Engagement and exploration will help players progress in this chilling story, where caution and quick reflexes are vital to survival and success.