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Strands Game

Strands Game, where the appeal of a detective hunt meets the satisfaction of skillfully arranging crosswords like Scrabble. Strands was created by talented...

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About Strands Game

Welcome all word fanatics and puzzle game lovers! The New York Times is proud to introduce an exciting new game to its collection: Strands Game. Get ready to embark on a journey unlike any before, where the appeal of a detective hunt meets the satisfaction of cleverly arranging crosswords like Scrabble.

Welcome to the world of Strands

Imagine a grid filled with jumbled letters, which at first appears chaotic. Your task is to untangle the secret thread hidden in the maze of words. Each solution you find brings you one step closer to discovering the unique "pangram", a word that reveals the day's secret category.

The creative minds behind Strands

Strands was created by the talented minds behind the cultural phenomenon of the game Wordle. Expertly edited by Tracy Bennett, the game is currently in beta testing, making puzzle fans around the world very excited.

Who will enjoy Strands?

If you crave a mental challenge that goes beyond the usual word puzzles, then Strands is for you. Designed for those who love investigative games and appreciate the satisfaction of uncovering hidden connections in the show, this game promises a deep experience unlike any other. any other game.

Strands' Challenge

The goal of Strands is to discover hidden themes in words by identifying words in text grids.

When players find words related to the topic, they will glow green, indicating progress in revealing the secret catalog.

The ultimate goal is to find all the themed words and reveal the pangram, a term that uses all the letters in the grid.

Strands has simple gameplay mechanics, making it accessible and fun for all ages and skill levels.

How to play Strands Game

Use mouse